Geography Field trip to Stratford

14 June 2024

Year 10 Geography students visited East London to investigate how the regeneration of the Olympic Park area has affected different parts of Stratford. The students did a lot of walking (11 km in fact) and visited New Town, East Village, The Olympic Park, and Hackney Wick. 

They practiced a range of fieldwork techniques in order to collect data for their Human Geography investigation. These included Environmental Quality Surveys, Bi-polar analysis, and field sketching. Whilst doing questionnaire surveys in East Village (what was the Athletes Village during the Olympic Games) Mr Smith was approached by a member of the public and congratulated on how polite and well-behaved our students were. Well done boys!


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@st_ignatius Jul - 17
What an incredible way to wrap up the music academic year! Our students rocked the stage at the annual Battle of the Bands competition, joined by none other than a Staff Band! 🎶#amdg
@st_ignatius Jul - 16
Yesterday we celebrated the achievements of our KS3 students at the prizegiving with our special guest and alumni Edward! 🎉 Congratulations to all winners and nominees - your hard work really shows! We can't wait to see what more you achieve!#AMDG
@st_ignatius Jul - 16
The closing ceremony marked the end of our intensive Mandarin program in China. 🇨🇳Adam gave a speech in Mandarin, and students showcased their learning. Now back in the UK, they all wish to return!
@st_ignatius Jul - 15
Happy Monday everyone! We are back with the last Inspirational Person of the Week and Word of the Week of this academic year!This week we have Vershini Prakash and the word 'sustainable'.#amdg
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Another successful Sports Day at St Ignatius! Our boys showed incredible sportsmanship and the competitive spirit was through the roof. Congrats to all the winners!#amdg
@st_ignatius Jul - 12
In the afternoon, they visited a renowned clay and pottery museum and even tried their hand at embroidery! Such a creative and enriching experience. 🎨
@st_ignatius Jul - 12
Yesterday, our students in China, explored Foshan and had an amazing time! Visited a stunning temple and even got to see the lion dance. What a fantastic start to the day! 🦁
@st_ignatius Jul - 11
Adventures in Lake District part 2! 🏞️Our year 12 Biology students were not the only ones enjoying their Lake District residential trip last week, year 12 Geography students were also completing their practicals in the area!
@st_ignatius Jul - 11
While visiting the middle school, our students learnt about Chinese school life and drawing characters. 🎒In the afternoon, they met 3 UK businessmen working and living in China! They talked about the importance of learning languages.
@st_ignatius Jul - 10
Today our students visited a secondary school in Guangzhou, joined activities with Chinese students, and exchanged gifts!
@st_ignatius Jul - 10
Our students are diving into culture on their China trip by collaborating with their language partners! Yesterday, they were creating miniature versions of traditional Chinese buildings, blending language learning with hands-on architectural fun. 🏯
@st_ignatius Jul - 9
Despite the gloomy weather, we’re still reminiscing about last week's amazing Summer Arts Festival! 🌞🎨🎭 Our students wowed us with incredible performances, celebrating summer with a fantastic mix of music, art & DT, and drama.