Safeguarding Information for Students


Safeguarding issues can affect anyone. If you are worried for yourself, or another student you should contact a member of the school safeguarding team:

  • Our safeguarding team is led by Mr Kevin Mullen, who is our Designated Safeguarding Lead.

The other members of the team are:

  • Mrs Carolina Di Pierro - Deputy Designated Lead, Lead Welfare Practitioner
  • Mrs Cara McNamara - Joint Year 7 safeguarding lead
  • Mr Vidusun Edirimanasinghe - Joint Year 7 safeguarding lead
  • Mr Rashaan Fenton-West - Year 8 safeguarding lead
  • Mr Daniel Makins - Year 9 safeguarding lead
  • Mrs Nadine Campbell-Simms - Year 10 safeguarding lead
  • Ms Olivia Giacon - Year 13 safeguarding lead 
  • Mrs Claire Keene - 6th form pastoral support
  • Mr John Dawson - Designated teacher of looked after children
  • Mrs Sandra Henderson - Pastoral support
  • Mr Michael Opoku - Pastoral support
  • Ms Kendra Ngeru - Pastoral support

If you wish to report something anonymously, this can be done using the SHARP system:

If you observe any of the signs below in a fellow student they may indicate that there is a safeguarding issue:

  • displaying disruptive or anti-social behaviour
  • being bullied or bullying others
  • having poor attendance at school
  • being involved in, or at risk of, offending
  • having poor general health
  • having anxiety, depression or other mental health issues
  • misusing drugs or alcohol
  • having a particularly challenging relationship with parents or appearing to be unusually independent from their parents
  • experiencing difficulties at home, such as domestic abuse, parental substance abuse or parental mental health problems

Please inform a member of the safeguarding team if you witness any of these. You will always be:

  • listened to,
  • Taken seriously,
  • Spoken to in a sensitive and understanding manner, free from judgement.